Considerations When Choosing a Gym

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Are you looking for a safe and convenient fitness gym? Many community gyms or health clubs provide fitness equipment and classes at affordable rates. Gym exercise is especially good for children. A 2008 study by The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital shows that “more than 600,000 kids in the U.S. participate in organized gymnastics each year” (“Are Gymnastics Good for Kids?” Instead of letting your kids vegetate in front of the television or computer, bring them to a local gym for some physical activity.

When choosing a gym to join, look for one that is operated according to safety guidelines, with clean, well-maintained equipment and a clearly-lit environment. The facility should be tidy, organized, and carefully monitored to ensure the equipment is used correctly and the premises are kept in good order. Gym bags laying on the floor or dirty restrooms will not attract or keep serious gym users. In fact, general disorder can become a safety issue for runners or joggers on a walking track around the facility, or for others who are moving around the facility.

Staff members should keep an eye on members to ensure proper etiquette and behavior. For example, those participating in team sports like basketball and soccer should be assured of a wholesome, family-friendly environment where profanity, name-calling, and bad sportsmanship are not allowed. Members should not feel they are being “checked out” by others, and anyone making unwanted advances to another member should be asked to leave. Yelling, fighting, arguments, or horseplay have no place in a community gym. Courtesy and respect for others are paramount.

Classes for aerobics groups or kids’ gymnastics should be taught by certified instructors. If there is a pool, a certified lifeguard should be on duty whenever the pool is open. Equipment should be inspected, maintained, and updated per maintenance schedule, or as needed. Any accidents, even small ones, should be reported to a staff member.

Equipment should be monitored and used appropriately by all members. Anyone who does not know how to use a treadmill or weight machine, or other types of equipment, should ask for assistance from a staff member. Sanitizing spray and clean cloths should be used to wipe down equipment after each member’s use. Kids climbing on or misusing equipment should be reported to a staff member.

Operating times, rules of use, and any restrictions should be posted openly where all members can readily see them. The parking areas should be kept clean and well-lit. Staff members should always be polite and helpful to guests or members.

Many gyms offer a one-day pass at a reduced fee so visitors can try the facility to see if they like it. Memberships are often paid on a monthly basis, sometimes through direct withdrawal from members’ bank accounts if desired. Paying by the year rather than monthly may yield a fee reduction.

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