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Do I Need a Gym?

Posted by on Friday, 14 July, 2017

So you want to get in shape? Now the real question is whether or not you should get a gym membership. Working out on your own will save you some money, but there are some major advantages to joining a gym. There are too many benefits of gym membership to list in one short article like this one, but let’s take a minute to look at a few of the most obvious in a little more depth. Here are some of the many benefits of gym membership. As you sign up for your gym membership plan you will discover other benefits all your own.

– Better Equipment: Even if you have home gym equipment you won’t be able to compete with the amount of equipment that a gym can offer. The typical gym has more weights, more machines and more equipment than you will ever need. If you try to buy your own gym equipment you will have to invest each and every time that you want to change your workout. Plus you won’t be able to afford the sheer amount of equipment that a gym can offer.

– Motivating: Going to the gym is motivating. You are paying a monthly fee which requires you to pay money whether or not you work out. You will also be around others with the same physical fitness goals that you have. Plus if you want some extra motivation you can invest in a personal trainer for a small fee.

– Demonstration of Commitment: Signing a gym contract and committing to pay a monthly fee for a certain amount of time is a big demonstration of your level of commitment. You will be more motivated to get out and lose weight because if you don’t you will still be spending money each month. Signing up for a gym shows that you are willing to do what it takes to lose weight. Once you sign up, make sure you go.

– More Entertaining: The same workout day after day can get boring, but when you go to the gym you won’t have to worry about running out of things to do. One day you can swim, another day you can hit the treadmill. Gyms also offer free weights, aerobics, spin classes, martial arts and even yoga and pilates. This means that you won’t ever get stuck in a boring workout rut.

– Better Health: One of the best reasons to head to the gym are the many health benefits that exercise provides. Putting in the commitment to your health by signing up for a gym membership will help you to achieve your fitness goals and to feel great. Don’t keep putting your health on hold instead sign up for a gym membership and start feeling better about your health today.

Joining a gym is a key to being able to achieve your fitness goals. Many people try to achieve their goals on their own and fail. You might succeed, but why risk it? Joining a gym is one of the best choices and commitments that you can make to achieve your fitness goals.

Considerations When Choosing a Gym

Posted by on Friday, 14 July, 2017

Are you looking for a safe and convenient fitness gym? Many community gyms or health clubs provide fitness equipment and classes at affordable rates. Gym exercise is especially good for children. A 2008 study by The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital shows that “more than 600,000 kids in the U.S. participate in organized gymnastics each year” (“Are Gymnastics Good for Kids?” Instead of letting your kids vegetate in front of the television or computer, bring them to a local gym for some physical activity.

When choosing a gym to join, look for one that is operated according to safety guidelines, with clean, well-maintained equipment and a clearly-lit environment. The facility should be tidy, organized, and carefully monitored to ensure the equipment is used correctly and the premises are kept in good order. Gym bags laying on the floor or dirty restrooms will not attract or keep serious gym users. In fact, general disorder can become a safety issue for runners or joggers on a walking track around the facility, or for others who are moving around the facility.

Staff members should keep an eye on members to ensure proper etiquette and behavior. For example, those participating in team sports like basketball and soccer should be assured of a wholesome, family-friendly environment where profanity, name-calling, and bad sportsmanship are not allowed. Members should not feel they are being “checked out” by others, and anyone making unwanted advances to another member should be asked to leave. Yelling, fighting, arguments, or horseplay have no place in a community gym. Courtesy and respect for others are paramount.

Classes for aerobics groups or kids’ gymnastics should be taught by certified instructors. If there is a pool, a certified lifeguard should be on duty whenever the pool is open. Equipment should be inspected, maintained, and updated per maintenance schedule, or as needed. Any accidents, even small ones, should be reported to a staff member.

Equipment should be monitored and used appropriately by all members. Anyone who does not know how to use a treadmill or weight machine, or other types of equipment, should ask for assistance from a staff member. Sanitizing spray and clean cloths should be used to wipe down equipment after each member’s use. Kids climbing on or misusing equipment should be reported to a staff member.

Operating times, rules of use, and any restrictions should be posted openly where all members can readily see them. The parking areas should be kept clean and well-lit. Staff members should always be polite and helpful to guests or members.

Many gyms offer a one-day pass at a reduced fee so visitors can try the facility to see if they like it. Memberships are often paid on a monthly basis, sometimes through direct withdrawal from members’ bank accounts if desired. Paying by the year rather than monthly may yield a fee reduction.

Choosing a Personal Trainer

Posted by on Friday, 14 July, 2017

If you are serious about getting into the best shape of your life then you may be considering a personal trainer. Personal trainers are wonderful because they can not only guide you as to what to do while you are at the gym, but they can often guide you as to what to do when you are away from the gym. A good personal trainer can serve as your exercise guide and your diet guide as well, boosting your overall results.

Because choosing a personal trainer means an investment on your part, you want to be sure that you are getting the best for your money. Here are some things to consider when you are choosing a personal trainer:

•    Qualifications: Always ask to see the qualifications of any personal trainer you are considering. You want to be sure that the person in charge f training you has gone through the various training classes necessary to ensure your success. Beware here, as some gyms will simply assign someone the title of personal trainer and that person will have little to no experience with anything fitness related.
•    Enthusiasm: When you are working with a personal trainer, one of the most important things that they can display is enthusiasm. You want to be motivated when you work out and that’s hard to accomplish if you get stuck with a personal trainer who is constantly checking their watch and waiting for your session to end. You can get a good idea of how enthusiastic the personal trainer that you are considering is by observing them with others, or by asking for a trail session.
•    Shape: This sounds a bit conceded, but you should consider a personal trainer’s personal physical condition. If you are talking with a personal trainer who is out of shape then how can you expect that they will be able to guide you? On the other hand, if your personal trainer is lean and mean then there is a good chance that they are a fitness fanatic and should be a great example for you to follow.
•    Price: Once you are totally pleased with all the little nuances of the personal trainer you are considering, then you should ask how much their services cost. Try not to get too caught up with price though, as it is better to pay a little more if it means you will be getting a personal trainer who will motivate you and help you to get the best results possible.

Everyone should exercise, but that is a statement that is easier said than done. If you want to get into the best shape of your life and you either lack the knowledge, or you lack the drive, then a personal trainer is the perfect solution for you. If you do a little homework and check into the many personal trainers in your area, then you are sure to find a personal trainer who will be able to guide you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

5 Things to Look for in a Good Gym

Posted by on Friday, 14 July, 2017

Selecting a gym isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. A good gym membership can be a costly undertaking and you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from the investment.

Adequate Equipment
The specific types of equipment that you need to look for will vary from one person to the next. Consider your personal workout regimen and look for a gym that meets your needs. If you like to lift weights and watch your progress in a mirror, then you’ll want a gym with ample room for lifting and a full wall of mirrors so you don’t have to rub shoulders with other members to get a good view. If you prefer lots of cardio with a pleasant distraction while you’re jogging, look for a gym with plenty of treadmills and stationary bikes positioned in front of a television or good people-watching window. For a more social experience, classes that are held with others will be a priority.

Pleasant Atmosphere
For most people, the most comfortable gym environment has adequate air conditioning and air circulation. A space that’s hot and humid will have you heading for the door before you’ve made a dent in your workout. You should also look for a gym that’s clean and well-maintained. There’s nothing worse than a facility that reeks of sweat and has mold and mildew taking over the locker rooms. Get a thorough tour before you invest in a membership.

Like-Minded Members
Enlisting a buddy to work out with is one of the best ways to make sure you stick to your exercise routine. If you don’t have a friend interested in joining a gym with you, choosing the right gym can help you meet someone new to break a sweat with. When you tour the gym, evaluate the other members. Overweight women who want to drop some pounds won’t feel at home in a gym full of buff bodybuilders. Select a location with clientele similar to yourself.

Helpful Staff
Even if you’re not interested in the services of a personal trainer, a gym with a helpful staff will make you feel more comfortable coming in. You should receive a courteous and friendly welcome, prompt answers to your questions and as much or little personal attention as you want.

Convenient Location
Consider when you’ll be working out and select a location that will further your goals. If you want to swim a few laps on your lunch hour, you’ll want a gym that’s as close as possible to your office. If you work out on the weekends or in evenings, find a gym close to home. Avoid anything that’s too far away, or you’ll always have an excuse to skip a sweat session.

With the right gym, you’ll find it’s easier than ever to keep up with a regular exercise routine. Purchasing a gym membership is a wonderful way to further your fitness goals and invest in future health.